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graubündenVIVA — Genuss aus den Bergen

Graubünden soll zur Hochburg der alpinen Genusskultur werden. Diese Vision verfolgt der 2016 gegründete und heute rund 100 Mitglieder zählende Verein graubündenVIVA. Von Mai 2019 bis Oktober 2020 findet graubü...

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We are Quant

Quanta can simultaneously be thought of as material or as energy. These different perspectives lead to peculiarities of quantum physics that are also of significance to our company: firstly the phenomenon of simultaneity, and secondly the interconnection of the observer and the observed.


These phenomena also define Quant’s way of thinking and working:

  • Change in state caused by energy (dedication)
  • Simultaneity (intellect and intuition)
  • Interconnection (reciprocal effect)
Ivo Haldner

Ivo Haldner

Wanderer between worlds, constantly searching for solutions, with the goal of staging something unique in such a way that it makes an impression and is long remembered. LinkedIn

Andreas Bärtsch

Andreas Bärtsch

Passionately uses his analytical skills and creativity for the development of unique and sustainable solutions – for any challenge and for every one of our clients. LinkedIn

Orlando Steiner

Orlando Steiner

Pricing and distribution strategies for hotels, resorts and destinations in combination with social skills: the perfect base for developing sustainable and successful sales. LinkedIn

Gieri Spescha

Gieri Spescha

Always puts his heart and soul into it when it comes to enter new territory and venture pioneer projects. Loves to bring people and ideas together. He was called to be a communicator. LinkedIn

Quant AG
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