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graubündenVIVA — Genuss aus den Bergen

Graubünden soll zur Hochburg der alpinen Genusskultur werden. Diese Vision verfolgt der 2016 gegründete und heute rund 100 Mitglieder zählende Verein graubündenVIVA. Von Mai 2019 bis Oktober 2020 findet graubü...

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from Vision to Reality

Quant sets an innovative course for companies and products, devises strategies, develops and manages brands and conceives strategic marketing programmes and emotional platforms for sustainable positioning – for companies. politics, culture and society.

Our understanding
of our trade

Whatever breaks the mould is normal. Only where diversity is normal and the extraordinary is the norm, is there an opportunity to create something unique and to stage it successfully by working together with the client. Modern development processes based on innovation and entrepreneurship are at the core of what we do.


Every project begins with an idea or task. This has to be understood, it has to be visualised for the client, along with all consequences, and the way to reach the goal has to be demonstrated transparently.



Experience counts and pays off – especially in the conceptual design phase of complex projects. Every project is unique and requires individual solutions that have to be developed without delay. Many aspects of successful planning are based on established processes in this domain.



Putting a big idea into practice entails a lot of work on details: each step within the greater whole needs to be planned and realised. As a result of our practical experience and expertise in a very wide range of fields, we always know what is to be done and we maintain an overview of the entire process – even during the occasional hectic back-and-forth exchange.



In any project, the success factor is the consistency of the overall concept in all the details. You can fully concentrate on your role as an entrepreneur. In the background, we serve as a contractor, taking care of the successful implementation of processes and know-how.

Quant AG
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