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graubündenVIVA — Genuss aus den Bergen

Graubünden soll zur Hochburg der alpinen Genusskultur werden. Diese Vision verfolgt der 2016 gegründete und heute rund 100 Mitglieder zählende Verein graubündenVIVA. Von Mai 2019 bis Oktober 2020 findet graubü...

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Eye-to-eye communication

At a time when dialogue is becoming a buzzword, and fans, followers, likes, comments, shares and tweets are becoming indicators of success, it does no harm to take a step back and to have a little faith in the proven skills of tradespeople. Our symmetrical communication approach enables companies and brands to build and reinforce their reputation on the basis of solid, lasting relationships – in the age of digitisation more than ever.


We as individuals have never before had so many tools and channels available to us for interaction with others. Always and everywhere. However, efficient and effective communication has never before been so challenging for companies and organisations. Quant helps you to organise your communication so that you generate a response and are in a productive dialogue with your stakeholders at all times.

The future is now

In communication, like in other disciplines, only one thing is certain: constant change. In view of increasing technologisation, we sometimes ask ourselves if the human being is actually still necessary in a digital world that is becoming more and more automated, data-driven and interconnected. The answer is clear: Yes! People are better than any machine when it comes to thinking creatively, conveying complex issues and identifying abstract trends. Communication remains a “people’s business”. It goes without saying that we analyse global communication trends on an ongoing basis and make purposeful use of new channels and tools, so as to meet our customers’ needs.

It is a fascinating new world that offers a wide variety of possible ways to bring brands and target groups closer together. A (non-exhaustive) selection of themes and developments relating to communicators and companies alike.

Content Marketing

The concept of “content marketing” emerged at the start of 2011 and plays a decisive role in mediation today. Communication has to generate “reach”, which means getting messages to reach as many people as possible (and preferably the right people). Work in the field of social media shows that content and reach are interlinked. From the perspective of the consumer, everything intermixes – the consumer no longer knows which information they have from which channels. However, anyone who manages to make good use of all disciplines with their communication gets noticed and becomes relevant. This calls for a holistic overview of all possible touchpoints.

Destination Design, 150 Jahre Erstbesteigung Matterhorn, Zermatt, Strategische Roadmap und Detailkonzeption

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