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graubündenVIVA — Genuss aus den Bergen

Graubünden soll zur Hochburg der alpinen Genusskultur werden. Diese Vision verfolgt der 2016 gegründete und heute rund 100 Mitglieder zählende Verein graubündenVIVA. Von Mai 2019 bis Oktober 2020 findet graubü...

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Development process

Every vision is unique and requires an individual concept. Many aspects of successful planning and implementation are based on experiences with similar issues all around the world. The idea is supported on the basis of international know-how from a wide range of very different business segments, which is coupled with a profound understanding of cultures and local customs, and incorporated into the solutions.

The contractor – efficiency and effectiveness

Quant is not a mere agency, but a development and implementation workshop with an integral approach to development. Conceived as a general contractor, Quant works with international partners to plan and implement sophisticated solutions for the strategic positioning of companies, emotional platforms and destinations.

Quant continually observes consumers’ behavioural patterns, analyses future trends and understands the values of different cultures and communities. The understanding of these values and of the idea provides the basis for a structured development process, for future-oriented brand strategies, for clear brand positioning and for sustainable company growth.


Golden Circle

Simon Sinek’s “golden circle” concept is based on analysis of the world’s most successful leaders and companies. Sinek was able to prove that all successful brands show the same patterns of thought, action and communication – and that these are diametrically different to commonplace patterns.

The golden circle comprises three individual circles. The core is the “why”, the middle is the “how” and the outer circle is the “what”. Most companies begin with the outer circle (what), then turn to differentiation in the second circle (how). Often, there is no examination of the core (why).

In contrast, successful firms begin with the core, the mission (why), then address the element of differentiation (how) and only concern themselves with the actual products (what) at the end.

Golden Circle

Sequence vs. synergy

Quant incorporates the phenomenon of simultaneity into entrepreneurial action. This is how we ensure that every project is considered individually within the overall context. When seeking solutions, we do not take a linear one-dimensional approach, but think with foresight and tackle projects on different levels simultaneously. This interaction between fields of action makes it possible to identify, understand and optimally utilise synergies from the very start.

Sequenz vs Synergie

Marketing 1.0 to 3.0

Societal change presents companies with major challenges that go beyond day-to-day business. On a social level, there is currently a shift towards a network society with an emphasis on collaborations, relationships and networks. Technologically, digitisation is washing away agencies’ ways of working, structures and business models from the inside. Culturally, a new generation is starting to call the shots. The attitude towards work is also changing. Economically, companies have to deal with an ongoing financial crisis, growth in the east and stagnation in the west.

This change is altering society’s general conditions, raising questions and redefining people’s values. While it is not very long ago that marketing still focused on the product (Marketing 1.0) and its focus later shifted to the consumer (Marketing 2.0), profound relationships between companies and consumers, going far beyond quality and design, are called for today. These relationships are based on the emotional level of values. Welcome to the age of Marketing 3.0!

Quant AG
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