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graubündenVIVA — Genuss aus den Bergen

Graubünden soll zur Hochburg der alpinen Genusskultur werden. Diese Vision verfolgt der 2016 gegründete und heute rund 100 Mitglieder zählende Verein graubündenVIVA. Von Mai 2019 bis Oktober 2020 findet graubü...

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from Vision to Reality

Quant sets an innovative course for companies and products, devises strategies, develops and manages brands and conceives strategic marketing programmes and emotional platforms for sustainable positioning – for companies. politics, culture and society.

Our understanding
of our trade

Whatever breaks the mould is normal. Only where diversity is normal and the extraordinary is the norm, is there an opportunity to create something unique and to stage it successfully by working together with the client. Modern development processes based on innovation and entrepreneurship are at the core of what we do.


Every project begins with an idea or task. This has to be understood, it has to be visualised for the client, along with all consequences, and the way to reach the goal has to be demonstrated transparently.



Experience counts and pays off – especially in the conceptual design phase of complex projects. Every project is unique and requires individual solutions that have to be developed without delay. Many aspects of successful planning are based on established processes in this domain.



Putting a big idea into practice entails a lot of work on details: each step within the greater whole needs to be planned and realised. As a result of our practical experience and expertise in a very wide range of fields, we always know what is to be done and we maintain an overview of the entire process – even during the occasional hectic back-and-forth exchange.



In any project, the success factor is the consistency of the overall concept in all the details. You can fully concentrate on your role as an entrepreneur. In the background, we serve as a contractor, taking care of the successful implementation of processes and know-how.

Development process

Every vision is unique and requires an individual concept. Many aspects of successful planning and implementation are based on experiences with similar issues all around the world. The idea is supported on the basis of international know-how from a wide range of very different business segments, which is coupled with a profound understanding of cultures and local customs, and incorporated into the solutions.

The contractor – efficiency and effectiveness

Quant is not a mere agency, but a development and implementation workshop with an integral approach to development. Conceived as a general contractor, Quant works with international partners to plan and implement sophisticated solutions for the strategic positioning of companies, emotional platforms and destinations.

Quant continually observes consumers’ behavioural patterns, analyses future trends and understands the values of different cultures and communities. The understanding of these values and of the idea provides the basis for a structured development process, for future-oriented brand strategies, for clear brand positioning and for sustainable company growth.


Golden Circle

Simon Sinek’s “golden circle” concept is based on analysis of the world’s most successful leaders and companies. Sinek was able to prove that all successful brands show the same patterns of thought, action and communication – and that these are diametrically different to commonplace patterns.

The golden circle comprises three individual circles. The core is the “why”, the middle is the “how” and the outer circle is the “what”. Most companies begin with the outer circle (what), then turn to differentiation in the second circle (how). Often, there is no examination of the core (why).

In contrast, successful firms begin with the core, the mission (why), then address the element of differentiation (how) and only concern themselves with the actual products (what) at the end.

Golden Circle

Sequence vs. synergy

Quant incorporates the phenomenon of simultaneity into entrepreneurial action. This is how we ensure that every project is considered individually within the overall context. When seeking solutions, we do not take a linear one-dimensional approach, but think with foresight and tackle projects on different levels simultaneously. This interaction between fields of action makes it possible to identify, understand and optimally utilise synergies from the very start.

Sequenz vs Synergie

Marketing 1.0 to 3.0

Societal change presents companies with major challenges that go beyond day-to-day business. On a social level, there is currently a shift towards a network society with an emphasis on collaborations, relationships and networks. Technologically, digitisation is washing away agencies’ ways of working, structures and business models from the inside. Culturally, a new generation is starting to call the shots. The attitude towards work is also changing. Economically, companies have to deal with an ongoing financial crisis, growth in the east and stagnation in the west.

This change is altering society’s general conditions, raising questions and redefining people’s values. While it is not very long ago that marketing still focused on the product (Marketing 1.0) and its focus later shifted to the consumer (Marketing 2.0), profound relationships between companies and consumers, going far beyond quality and design, are called for today. These relationships are based on the emotional level of values. Welcome to the age of Marketing 3.0!



Honesty, openness and transparency in all areas form the basis for good and successful cooperation. Whenever an order is placed for the development and implementation of a project, Quant pledges to take on responsibility for its success.

Competence in strategy, conceptual design and implementation

The whole comes before the part. Quant guarantees solutions that are precisely tailored to suit a company’s needs and let ideas become tangible reality. The basis is provided by many years of extensive experience from numerous projects involving strategy development and strategic marketing, as well as our know-how from international strategy projects.

Quant operates internationally for large and small companies, associations and non-profit organisations in the following four fields: corporate, emotional platforms, destination design and special projects. Our role is to assist the client in all the strategic and operational areas necessary for the achievement of goals:

  • Strategy development and implementation support
  • Master planning and overlay planning of integral experiences
  • Brand development and brand management
  • Project development and innovation development
  • Concepts for events, marketing and financing
  • Concepts for partnerships and sponsoring
  • Integral destination design
  • Evaluation of themes and projects
  • Analysis of value creation
  • Hospitality development
  • Redevelopment of events


Future challenges often prompt a business model to be revised, or a business strategy to be redesigned. We help companies to work out strategic fields of action that enable positioning on the basis of defined values.

Based on analysis of the company and environment, we develop outlines and solutions regarding how the company can develop successfully in the future, which activation tools can serve to secure its position on the long term, and which organisational, structural, processual and financial prerequisites must apply. We clarify all issues regarding the basis, the view from outside and the strategic orientation, as well as the capacity of current market players and competitors. We thus establish clear prerequisites for all parties involved in the project. Here, corporate know-how lays the foundation for implementation planning.



The hospitality industry, from hotels to hospitals and clinics, right through to retirement homes, is facing numerous challenges and increasing complexity. Successful navigation in a rapidly changing high-tech environment and an uncompromising focus on the customer journey constitute a decisive competitive advantage. With a holistic managerial approach, Quant supports existing and new hospitality projects, from analysis to positioning and strategic planning, right through to operational implementation and into the operating phase. However, we are also your competent reliable partner for feasibility studies or strategic marketing and sales concepts. Together with you, we develop solutions for hospitality that is put into practice.

Destination design

In order to establish itself on the market successfully in the future, a destination needs an integral approach (shared vision) today – and a consensus among all stakeholders regarding the goals to be achieved and how to achieve them. Political municipalities, mobility providers, mountain cableway companies, hotels and other service providers, as well as destination organisations, are abandoning the practice of thinking and acting individually, and instead taking a holistic approach. The task is to develop a competence-based model of roles on the basis of the best performers.


Emotional platforms

Be it art, design, architecture, spectacles, opera, theatre or sports events – if cultivated with passion and staged in unique surroundings, they all guarantee platforms that bring together people who have a lot to tell. These stories make impressions, give rise to friendships and become a multifaceted theme that creates bonds. Encounters outside the daily routine enable valuable personal connections to be made. With shared enthusiasm and the enjoyment that is had, we create added value for everyone involved.



Special projects

With experience and know-how from a wide range of very different projects, we like to accept new challenges. Quant actively conducts research and development in fields of future relevance. For this purpose, we address innovation development and megatrends to clarify latent needs and to derive new solutions to future challenges. We compile substantiated project assessments and market analyses, obtain second and third opinions, or prepare feasibility studies on new themes and projects.


Content-related focal points

For implementation and mediation, we have developed formats that take the nature of the individual projects into account and aid differentiation on the market.

Content is king

Quant purposefully uses formats that enable early occupation of the relevant thematic field and the involvement of all key stakeholders, while also securing long-term sustainable success in the respective market environment.

Digital transformation

The new digital reality forces companies to continually assess their strategy, business model and corporate culture. If an organisation skips this “digital transformation” step, it loses its future viability and its competitiveness. With the University of St. Gallen’s maturity model, which we have adapted, managers can gain an understanding of the status quo and, on this basis, determine which skills are necessary for digital transformation at their company.

Cultural interventions

Social trends are sending a clear message that is also becoming evident in destination management: a new type of consumer is orienting themselves very much towards health and sustainability, along with technology and nature, individuality and community spirit, indulgence and responsibility. Worldwide, every third journey is culturally motivated. In this context, ecological, ethical and social values are perceived as important. Cultural interventions create an integrative level of understanding: these interventions are intended to create added value for everyone involved, by means of the shared enthusiasm within the nature-and-culture experience. Cultural interventions aim to sustainably create relevance and differentiation via curated educational experiences involving a particular theme.


Augmented reality experiences

Natural and cultural heritage is an essential aspect of a region’s identity. Activating a region’s (usually intangible) natural and cultural heritage via mobile technologies with inclusion of geography and narration constitutes a new approach in the tourist industry. To date, however, very few have managed to make themselves relevant to customers via digital applications: at most, their existing websites have been reworked for mobile devices. This is by no means sufficient.



The magic of the temporary and fleeting: in times when products are available everywhere and always, temporary and limited offers generate an allure of exclusivity. The pop-up makes location and time desirable again. Goods that can be obtained always and everywhere lose their charm. With pop-up installations, bottlenecks can be temporarily overcome, market segments can be tested, or demand can be activated. In addition, this progressive format offers interesting possibilities for communication and for making a brand stand out.


Outdoor creativity

There is an adventurer and explorer in every one of us. In this regard, the individual’s experience of nature is a key factor. It gives rise to a need within our increasingly urban society that can be activated by conveying content pertaining to nature and culture in the sense of an individual, creative “outdoor lifestyle” and used as a means of positioning and differentiating the portfolio of touristic products and services.


Eye-to-eye communication

At a time when dialogue is becoming a buzzword, and fans, followers, likes, comments, shares and tweets are becoming indicators of success, it does no harm to take a step back and to have a little faith in the proven skills of tradespeople. Our symmetrical communication approach enables companies and brands to build and reinforce their reputation on the basis of solid, lasting relationships – in the age of digitisation more than ever.


We as individuals have never before had so many tools and channels available to us for interaction with others. Always and everywhere. However, efficient and effective communication has never before been so challenging for companies and organisations. Quant helps you to organise your communication so that you generate a response and are in a productive dialogue with your stakeholders at all times.

The future is now

In communication, like in other disciplines, only one thing is certain: constant change. In view of increasing technologisation, we sometimes ask ourselves if the human being is actually still necessary in a digital world that is becoming more and more automated, data-driven and interconnected. The answer is clear: Yes! People are better than any machine when it comes to thinking creatively, conveying complex issues and identifying abstract trends. Communication remains a “people’s business”. It goes without saying that we analyse global communication trends on an ongoing basis and make purposeful use of new channels and tools, so as to meet our customers’ needs.

It is a fascinating new world that offers a wide variety of possible ways to bring brands and target groups closer together. A (non-exhaustive) selection of themes and developments relating to communicators and companies alike.

Content Marketing

The concept of “content marketing” emerged at the start of 2011 and plays a decisive role in mediation today. Communication has to generate “reach”, which means getting messages to reach as many people as possible (and preferably the right people). Work in the field of social media shows that content and reach are interlinked. From the perspective of the consumer, everything intermixes – the consumer no longer knows which information they have from which channels. However, anyone who manages to make good use of all disciplines with their communication gets noticed and becomes relevant. This calls for a holistic overview of all possible touchpoints.

Destination Design, 150 Jahre Erstbesteigung Matterhorn, Zermatt, Strategische Roadmap und Detailkonzeption


The conceivable becomes possible. What we strive to make possible is not the impossible, but at least the unusual and extraordinary. As mediators between vision and reality.

663697192 seconds of experience

Countless experiences and memories that will remain with us forever: a look inside our portfolio shows how and why we have achieved set goals – in reference to projects that are either already history, making history or just taking shape.

We are Quant

Quanta can simultaneously be thought of as material or as energy. These different perspectives lead to peculiarities of quantum physics that are also of significance to our company: firstly the phenomenon of simultaneity, and secondly the interconnection of the observer and the observed.


These phenomena also define Quant’s way of thinking and working:

  • Change in state caused by energy (dedication)
  • Simultaneity (intellect and intuition)
  • Interconnection (reciprocal effect)
Ivo Haldner

Ivo Haldner

Wanderer between worlds, constantly searching for solutions, with the goal of staging something unique in such a way that it makes an impression and is long remembered. LinkedIn

Andreas Bärtsch

Andreas Bärtsch

Passionately uses his analytical skills and creativity for the development of unique and sustainable solutions – for any challenge and for every one of our clients. LinkedIn

Orlando Steiner

Orlando Steiner

Pricing and distribution strategies for hotels, resorts and destinations in combination with social skills: the perfect base for developing sustainable and successful sales. LinkedIn

Gieri Spescha

Gieri Spescha

Always puts his heart and soul into it when it comes to enter new territory and venture pioneer projects. Loves to bring people and ideas together. He was called to be a communicator. LinkedIn


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